The Importance Of Having A Place To Work On Your Bus - DO NOT Overlook This

Once your bus is registered and insured, it’s time to drive it to its conversion location. This is an overlooked aspect of the build process. Even if you are HOA free, have the OK from nearby neighbors and have plenty of room, it only takes one person to complain and ruin your entire plan. I have been EXTREMELY lucky when it comes to this. Where I did the roof raise and built the interior was out in the country with awesome neighbors. Where Wess and I built the roof raise transition was on an acre surrounded by shrubs that blocked the view from the road. There was welding, grinding and pounding daily. Trash from the demo of the interior filled up 1/4th of a large roll off dumpster... and we didn’t have one complaint. Others are not that lucky. They buy their bus, get their seats out and the complaints start. So definitely keep this in mind and plan ahead!

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